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How to clean an electric barbecue ?

Lovers of grilling and convivial evenings ? Life without a good electric barbecue seems unthinkable, it’s not necessary ? We understand you. Nevertheless, for the health of your barbecue as well as for your own health, it is essential to clean it at best regularly, at worst occasionally. As you use the barbecue more and more, greasy deposits from cooking food will build up on the bottom of the barbecue and on the grill.

For reasons of safety’If you’re looking for a way to clean your dishes and kitchen utensils after each use, it seems obvious to you. For the electric barbecue, you should have’is the same ! We explain you how to clean it correctly.

Cleaning an electric barbecue with natural products

Cleaning your electric barbecue regularly is important, because it allows you to save time’avoid the’It’s a good idea to keep your barbecue clean because of the accumulation of greasy deposits and all the bacteria associated with them. You will also avoid the bad smells that the dirty barbecue can emit during its operation. In addition, cleaning it regularly will save you time, as it will not damage the grill’There’s nothing worse than having to clean an electric barbecue very dirty: c’is long and difficult.

If you clean it regularly, you won’t have to worry about a mess’If you clean regularly, you won’t need to clean your grill’You need to use a lot of household products. A simple sponge with a little water’A bucket of water and dishwashing liquid will be enough, because the dirt is not a problem’The grill will not have had time to clean itself’embed. You can also add to your mixture a few drops of lemon, as it has purifying properties.

Nevertheless, it does not’is not necessarily necessary, it is’is just a small optional health gesture. You can also use a little white vinegar on the grills to sanitize them, since the dirt will be removed’vinegar has natural antiseptic properties.

Summary of household equipment:

  • A sponge
  • A bucket or a basin of water’For the electric barbecue, you should have some water and dishwashing liquid (with a few drops of lemon, if necessary)
  • A bottle of water’white alcohol

How to clean a very dirty electric barbecue ?

If you don’t’You don’t have the time or the money to do it’You will want to use clean your electric barbecue s purifying properties’We understand because it is a good idea to use a lot of cleaning products’Although cleaning your electric barbecue is quite time-consuming, you can clean it at least once in a while. Depending on the frequency of use’This can be once a week or once a month. It’s up to you. Nevertheless, the barbecue can be used for other purposes’The barbecue can be much dirtier and more difficult to clean than a conventional barbecue’a very regularly washed barbecue. In which case, we recommend that you use your videos’Turn on the barbecue before cleaning (and of course, turn off the water)’It is best to turn off and on’wait until you’it is warm enough to handle), so as to melt the fat to help you in your household task.

Then, the best would be to use a simple sponge’use a brush with brass or stainless steel bristles which will be more corrosive than a brush with a stainless steel bristle’A simple sponge will allow you to scrape every corner of the room.

In terms of household products, you can use a mixture of fragrances’water and dishwashing liquid as a normal cleaning. We strongly recommend you to’add a little white vinegar which will deteriorate the potential germs, Degrease your barbecue and degrade bad smells.