Perfume this invisible veil synonymous with well-being

Perfume, this invisible veil synonymous with well-being

Smells play an important role in our lives. Besides, among all our senses, the sense of smell is the only one for which it is impossible to evade. If the smell of dew in the early morning, the scents emanating from a forest at the beginning of spring, the smells of a freshly baked cake are all smells that awaken and excite us.

Just like Proust’s madeleines, smells bring back memories. At the same time, depending on the olfactory experience, smells affect our moods, our behavior. The smells we breathe are then analyzed by our brain which, unconsciously, triggers different physiological reactions from one person to another. This is the case, for example, of certain body odors which, depending on the individual, can have a power of attraction or repulsion. Some scents also help to make the atmosphere more Zen, to soothe the body and mind.

Through olfactotherapy, scents can also be used to heal traumas, to get rid of an addiction.

Smells have an influence on our psyche, on our intellectual faculties (difficult to concentrate if the person next to you smells of sweat for example) but also on the regulation of the major vital functions of our body. In short, odors are essential in our quest for well-being. There is nothing like having the secret weapon that makes heads and hearts turn pleasantly: perfume.

This is the case of a great classic Acqua Di Gio which seduces both men and women with its aquatic, fresh and delicate trail. Because the sense of smell is the sense of contact, of closeness, it is important to choose your fragrance carefully.

Understanding a perfume to choose the best one

The architecture of perfume

A strong symbol of femininity and masculinity, perfume is certainly a means of seduction but also an asset for well-being. Invisible veil, olfactory aura, the perfume affirms your identity, suggests your character while embodying your image. Although perfume is a matter of style, taste and desire, it is not just a perfume. It is a complex universe, a symbol of elegance that should thrill your sensitive nostrils. To find your ideal fragrance among ARMANI perfumes, the important thing is to opt for the perfect alchemy among the notes that compose it.

The most fleeting, the top note is the first impression you have of the perfume. Then, the heart note, more persistent, reveals the vultures of the perfume. A true nectar of the fragrance, the base note is the most persistent, the one that intoxicates the heart. For example, if at first you smell bergamot, this top note gives way to the scents of rose, strawberry, jasmine. Then, the base notes of oakmoss and patchouli of the same nameArmani Si, are those notes that emphasize femininity, strength and feminine grace.

Depending on its composition, the notes bring out certain personality traits. It is therefore important to consider the architecture of the fragrance.

The olfactory families of perfume

If in the example, the feminine beauty is marked by freshness, lightness and grace, it is because the olfactory families are chosen with care. Also look at the composition of the tones that make up the fragrance, be curious with regard to the olfactory families. Citrus fragrances are fresh, light, obtained from citrus peels. They bring that touch of charm while being discreet.

Chypre perfumes are distinguished by their strong, stimulating olfactory notes. Floral fragrances are developed around one or more floral scents. The senses are light and sensitive, and are tingling.

Ferns are the basis of many men’s fragrances. Woody fragrances are warm and dry, and are the main focus of masculine accords. The leathers, also very typical. The amber, warmer and more sensual are dominated by notes of resins or vanilla. The fragrances of the woody olfactory family are composed of warm notes.

Powerful perfumes almost bestial, this nectar gives pep.

To perfume oneself gently

In the past, it was customary to spray oneself with perfume to make the body odor more pleasant, but nowadays it is quite different. Keep in mind that the human sense of smell is not poor, so there is no need to empty your bottle, especially if you have chosen the holy GRAAL, a perfume or eau de parfum from the Armani range. For the charm to work, for the perfume to be that perfect fragrant trail: it must be deposited flush with the skin.

To properly perfume yourself, focus on strategic areas of the body after moisturizing the skin. The neck, the nape of the neck, the neckline, the hollow of the ear, the back of the wrists, the back of the knees are those areas that sensually reveal your perfume. To leave an exciting trail behind you, don’t pull the trigger: only three sprays are sufficient. Above all, do not rub at the risk of breaking the molecules composing your perfume.

You can also dive into a cloud of perfume that you have created by spraying it in front of you. And because some beauty products keep better in a cool place, put your perfume in the fridge to preserve its notes.