5 ideas of manual activities to do with children

5 ideas of’manual activities to do with children

You have used all your imagination to entertain your children, the vacations are approaching and you are afraid that they will be bored ? We have a few ideas that can be used to help children keep your toddlers busy for long hours.

In addition to getting them to work their brains and hands, it’s also a great way to get them to do some creative work’is a good way to pass the time. It will develop their point of view and their creative spirit, so they will become more inventive and thoughtful if it becomes a weekly habit to create a moment to do manual activities. From a young age, they will develop a sense of accomplishment when they finish their beautiful creations, as they will be guided by their skills and great imagination.

These activities must develop a feeling of pleasure for your child, they must allow to spend a good time in family notably thanks to a work of collaboration.

Making origami folds

An activity that adapts well to each child is the creation of origami for the’We need to keep in mind that it is only fun and help him in his development process’learning. You will need very little material, a sheet of paper will suffice for this occupation. The principle is to make forms through paper folding, there are several possible forms, the level of difficulty can increase quickly enough depending on its evolution.

The advantages of this discipline are a great concentration and a fairly sharp thinking so that their movement is precise. L’the order of the folds must be respected in order to have a good development in the hand-eye coordination.

Paint, colored pencils and stickers to the program

For a child, painting allows him to express his emotions, be it frustration, pain or joy. It is a refuge for them where they can shut themselves in their emotional state thanks to the colors. Mental health is improved and it allows you to discover what children feel through their drawings.

This practice can develop patience, skill and attention to detail, which are important values especially when learning at school.

The drawings with colored pencils They are also very beneficial as they help children practice good pencil grip, early writing skills and a way to channel themselves by working on emotions.

One last possibility to help your child to be more active’The best way to express yourself is with stickers to let your imagination run free.

Paint, colored pencils and stickers on the program

Make creations of characters and jewelry in fimo clay

A way to encourage exchange between all family members, it is a good way to get to know each other’is the manufacture of small characters or jewelry in fimo paste. It’s a creative hobby that allows them to manage their emotions and gestures. Know that the fimo paste is a paste that is used to create objects in modeling. Small decorative objects can be created as well as jewelry.

It is accessible enough to create all the shapes you want.

Depending on the’The age of your child, there are several pastes so that it is well adapted, in any case the recommended age to handle this hard paste is eight years.

Make creations of characters and jewelry in clay fimo

S’She likes to have fun creating with boxes of clothes’eggs

A way to recycle your gift boxes’You can now decorate your weekly egg boxes in order to make them more attractive. In addition to the many benefits, it is also a great way to make her feel good’is a very nice exercise to do when your child is bored. You only need a few materials to make a create an economical and ecological object, paint with adapted brushes, glue and all the decorative elements that allow to decorate it.

Just let your creativity speak since’there are no rules for this creative process.


Make paper cutouts for Christmas

Christmas is coming and you don’t know what to do with them. It is possible to stimulate them by creating decoration for your holidays end of the year. Take what you have at home in terms of creative products and let them do your decorations.

They will be very happy to present their creations between two rounds of gifts.

Make paper cut-outs for Christmas

Now you know more about how to occupy your children during the school vacations or on weekends. These activities are really fun and really beneficial for them.