How to clean your contact lenses

How to clean your contact lenses

The care of contact lenses requires more care than that of glasses. It is important to know the good practices to adopt to preserve your lenses and your eyes.

How to clean your contact lenses

First of all, it is necessary to distinguish between daily and monthly lenses. Being more practical for those who do not have enough time, daily lenses do not need to have decontamination products at hand, since they are discarded every night.

With monthly lenses, on the other hand, you will need to decontaminate your lenses every night, after cleaning your hands. You will need to bring the essential products used for cleaning. Once they are clean, you can put them in your case for the night. This case should be emptied in the morning, closed during the day and filled with lens care product at night.

Also remember to change it every three months. For an efficient care, discover this product to clean contact lenses.

The care of your lenses

Contact lenses can attract things like dust, lime scale, germs and other types of impurities. In order to’To prevent your eye from becoming infected, it is imperative to follow the cleaning instructions mentioned above. In case your travels do not allow you to properly maintain your lenses, it is preferable to wear them only a few days.

Also be careful not to scratch your lenses when you clean them. Use the pad of your finger to pick them up and avoid that they are in contact with your nails. Also, it is not recommended to let your lenses dry out in the open air or get dirty. They should not be cleaned with tap water. Depending on the type of product used to care for them, you may or may not rinse them in the morning.

When you notice a problem caused by your lenses (swelling, irritation, red eye, blurred vision or watery eye), consult an ophthalmologist quickly for your well-being.