5 ways to get more views for your YouTube videos

5 ways to make an appointment’Get more views for your videos on YouTube

To stand out on YouTube is becoming increasingly difficult nowadays. There is more competition than ever and many people are creating similar content, making it difficult for new creators. That’s no reason to lose hope.

Even if you are in a category with a lot of competition, you can make adjustments to increase your visibility on the platform. Your content will dictate a large part of your success, but you especially need to know how to properly promote your channel and content both on and off the site. Here are some simple ways to get started’increase your views on YouTube.

Improve your Thumbnails

A study analyzed (1) 740 of the most popular YouTube videos and made some pretty interesting findings. One of the things they found was that faces worked particularly well on the platform and that 72% of the top videos on YouTube had a face in the thumbnail. The same study found that text also worked very well and that 70% of the best videos contained text in their thumbnails.

So, if you want to create a winning tag, make sure that’it is a face and an explanatory text. And, if you are intimidated by the whole process, don’t be afraid. There are tons of’Use easy-to-use tools, such as Adobe Express, which allows you to design your YouTube thumbnail in seconds and then upload it to the site’add all the elements you want to your thumbnail.

Be active on Reddit

Reddit used to be used primarily as a reference tool for web content, and while the platform has evolved primarily into a discussion forum, you can still use Reddit to generate traffic for your content.

It all starts with a full immersion in one or more of the site’s communities. Before you start promoting your content on the platform, try to participate in as many subreddits directly related to your topic as possible. Be authentic in your interactions and try to make yourself useful. Also try to direct people to important resources when needed.

People will remember your help and you will get a lot of positive votes in return.

Once you’ve built a reputation on the platform, you can start talking about your channel and publishing content on the site. Some people will start following you instantly based on your reputation and the connection you make’they have with you.

The most important part at this point is to create content that resonates with your group and not be too promotional. And, if you’re going to promote something, try to get it noticed’be as transparent as possible so you don’t lose the trust of your audience.

Be Active on Your Competitors’ Channels

A lot of people don’t see YouTube as a social media channel in itself, it is a social media channel in its own right. Millions of comments are exchanged on the site and so many channels have been discovered because of a funny, helpful or insightful comment.

C’is why you should make a list of channels you like that are related to yours. You should then subscribe to as many of their channels as you can and start commenting on the videos you like. Comment as soon as possible and make sure your comments are as relevant as possible.

Again, your purpose is useful to your community. And make sure your channel has a lot of content and has a very attractive main video to keep people on your page.

Optimize your Videos

YouTube videos take up a lot of space in search results. L’Optimizing your videos should therefore be a priority and you should pay a lot of attention to the titles you choose, your descriptions, and the links you create for your videos.

Reddit may be able to help you here too. Although your descriptions and tags will help search engines know what the video is about, it is the links that will attract the most attention’attention. And it’s referral platforms like Reddit that will allow you to reach listeners who will be inclined to talk about your content and share it.

Optimize your videos

Increase your Online Presence

In addition to your YouTube channel, you should also have a blog’However, the barbecue can be used in other places where you can present your content, such as a blog, for example. Blogs are easier to optimize for search sites and some people who watch your blog will go to your channel out of curiosity. You can also use your videos to create an audience for your blog.


All these tips can be used right now to increase the number of views on your YouTube videos. It is’acts of’It’s up to you to use the right combination of techniques, create content that people respond to, and use the right ingredients’act with perseverance.