To be stylish with a man’s jacket

Men’s jackets: how to choose ?

Trench, bomber, down jacket, parka, duffle coat, pea coat… Men’s jackets come in many forms. The choice can be’It is therefore crucial to choose the right jacket’all the more so since’think about size, color, material, style and practicality. How well choose your man jacket to the’approaching the cool weather ?

Choosing a man’s jacket: what style to adopt ?

The jacket is the piece of clothing that will give you the best look’s general look since it’it’s all you can see at first glance. It is therefore crucial to choose it well. You have to take into account the season, the weather, the color, the style, etc. C’This is why we advise you to buy a jacket’have at least 3 jackets:

  • A first casual jacket: ideal for when the weather turns cold’If you are ready for it, casual jackets include bomber, parka, down jacket, duffle coat and pea jacket. Brands like Kaporal offer this type of product with a good quality-price ratio and trendy designed jackets. Casual jackets and coats combine modernity, style and practicality.
  • A rain jacket: the trench or the mackintosh are perfect models to stay dry during the showers. C’is a timeless piece, so you might as well bet on quality !
  • A more formal jacket: for business meetings, the chesterfield, the raglan, the jacket of the same size, the jacket of the same color, the jacket of the same style’The ulster coat and the straight cut crombie make the perfect look for your living room’case. However, we avoid choosing a coat that comes down below the knees to avoid compressing the silhouette.

If among all these jackets for men you should choose only one, you should buy one’We advise you to choose a single jacket’opt for a duffle coat which is versatile, waterproof, warm and can be worn with a casual chic outfit.

Size and material: how not to make a mistake ?

To have style with a man’s jacket, the size and the material will be determining on the final look. In terms of size, it is recommended to take one or two sizes above the size of your sweater in order to have a better fit’be in the’comfortable if the’It is better to wear a sweater or a cardigan under the coat.

As far as the material is concerned, we prefer natural materials such as wool for crombie type coats, cotton for trench coats and high quality synthetic materials for technical jackets (parka, down jacket, etc.).

Natural materials are breathable, unlike synthetic materials. C’is why we bet on quality. It is better to wear a sweater or a cardigan’The jacket is the piece of clothing that will give you the opportunity to invest a substantial amount of money for the purchase of a jacket’s purchase’a jacket that will last over time. Indeed, the jacket is a Timeless piece if you choose colors that you can’t get enough of.

Of course, some jackets such as the down jacket or parka are technical garments, but they are not’where you spend it’use of synthetic materials. However, the materials are high quality synthetic materials (microfiber, nanomaterials, micro cells, etc.).).

Size and material: how not to make a mistake?

For an assertive male clothing style, the man jacket is the piece that you need to wear’it is necessary to choose carefully. C’That’s why we advise you to bet on a quality piece. Go for the most practical by opting for the jacket that fits you best’This is best done with the’of your wardrobe.