7 essential tools for your home

7 essential tools for your home

A loose door hinge, a piece of furniture that loses a screw or a light switch that comes loose; these are often small tasks in the house that do not require the intervention of a professional. However, when you say “repair”, you say “toolbox”, which means that you need to have at home a minimum of DIY tools necessary to perform these small domestic jobs. Let’s go and discover some essential tools for domestic DIY.

What are the 7 tools to have at home ?

Whether you are a do-it-yourselfer or not, the urgency of a home tools for the house is a necessity. Therefore, we have listed below, 7 almost indispensable tools for your home.


Screwdrivers are essential tools for small jobs. They are home tools used in the field of mechanics and electronics. They are often used to assemble a piece of furniture or to repair an object.

Generally, we talk about a screwdriver kit since there are various screw heads.

As an example, we have the flat screwdriver, which adapts to screws with a simple slot-shaped head. As for the Phillips screwdriver, it is used for screws with a cross-shaped head.

A drill

It is part of the tools for the house. It is essential and is used to drill wood, metal or concrete. You can also find drills that are equipped with screwdrivers.

These are used to assemble furniture or to assemble shelves.

When you want to buy a cordless drill, pay attention to the voltage of the battery because the higher the voltage, the more efficient the screwdriver will be. Also, avoid choosing a tool that is too heavy because it can cause some handling problems.

A drill

A hammer

The hammer is a classic tool very simple but also very useful that must imperatively be in your tools for the house. It is used to fix for example a picture on the wall and also to remove floors or old nails already rusted. Different forms of hammer are available on the market, we can mention among others :

  • The carpenter’s hammer: it is simply used to drive nails.
  • The electrician’s hammer has a much thinner head and is useful for the narrowest areas.
  • The nail puller with a split head: this type of hammer is very practical to remove nails fixed in the wall or in wood..
  • The mallet: It is used in the installation of tiles and is provided with a head either in wood, rubber or plastic.

A ruler

It is essential to take measurements before any DIY work, that’s why you must have a measuring tape at home. Also known as a tape measure, the tape measure is a perfect measuring tool that completes the long list of tools for the home. The tape measure is often in the form of a very long, flexible metal ruler that is released into a small square-shaped box by a spring.

A tape measure


Pliers are used a lot by many DIYers. This is an instrument that absolutely must be included in your toolbox tools for the house because it is perfectly useful to allow you to cut, hold, tear, turn and twist. Choosing your ideal type of pliers may not be as easy as choosing your fixtures but, we offer 3 main variants of the pliers that can be very useful to you:

  • Cutting pliers: they are effective for cutting electrical or copper wires.
  • Flat nose pliers: they help you to hold or pull off a nut with a very good precision.
  • The rack and pinion clamp: capable of adapting to very large gaps as well as to the smallest possible gaps, it is one of the indispensable tools of the house.

Different sizes of keys

Among the tools for the house, the wrenches are elements that are essentially used to tighten and loosen nuts, screws and bolts. In order to have a compatible tool, there are various kinds of keys that you could choose according to your needs. We have found for you, 3 common models that could be useful:

  • The most common key is obviously the flat key. It is very often found among amateur do-it-yourselfers in plumbing work and sold in boxes. There are eight of them, numbered from 2 to 18.
  • The Allen key also called “six-step hollow”, it often has the shape of a small rod and is available in various sizes to help you in the lock of special bolts.
  • The wrench: it is the most versatile among all these keys.

A bubble level

The bubble level is a tool for the house It is a very important tool that allows you to correctly fix a picture or any object to the wall. To use it, you just have to put it on a surface and check if the bubble is in the center of the bottle. When this is the case, then your surface is well balanced.

A bubble level

Whether you are an amateur or an inveterate do-it-yourselfer, having a few basic tools at home to carry out small renovations is a must if you hope to avoid having to call in a professional every time.