How to easily carry your lunch to work

How to easily carry your lunch to work ?

When you work, you spend most of your time at your workplace. For meals, you usually have to make do with microwavable ready-made meals that you eventually get tired of. Many employees prefer to take home tasty homemade recipes to complement their break.

There is a range of food containers to transport your dishes of all kinds. This article gives you an overview of all the solutions to carry your meals to work.

The Lunch Box

To transport a meal, the lunch box is one of the accessories that have become widely available in recent years. Originally from England, it includes different styles of boxes with quite interesting characteristics. This meal box usually has only one level and has a large size both in length and width.

It is compartmentalized to have a starter, a main course and a dessert. More and more specialist insulated bags and lunch boxes offer models that can contain several types of meals such as starch, vegetables, fruit, dessert, salads, etc. The lunch box is perfectly adapted to meals that are easy to transport and quick to eat. That’s why it is preferred to eat quickly on the go or on a corner of the office. So, they are airtight and compartmentalized food boxes with different size containers inside.

Whether it is insulated or to be reheated, the lunch box is made of stainless steel, plastic or glass. You will find on the market models with a place for cutlery as well as a carrying handle.

The Japanese bento

This is the Asian inspired version of the lunch box. Indeed, the term Bento is a Japanese term, which means a quick meal taken outside the home and contained in a box. Therefore, unlike a lunch box, the Japanese bento can only contain a single dish, as it has only one space.

This box is traditionally used for meat or fish accompanied by rice and some macerated vegetables that you can easily eat with chopsticks or with your fingers. Also, if you want to reduce your consumption of single-use packaging and plastic, this is the best option. This is especially true since modern models have been created with all types of materials such as stainless steel, natural wood, bamboo fiber, glass, etc.

These come in stackable, multi-tiered boxes and are modular with removable dividers. The bento box is very appreciated for its originality in terms of shapes, patterns and colors. If the majority of the models available on the market are to be heated in the microwave, you will find some that are isothermal.

The food thermos

If we all know the thermos flask which allows to keep hot drinks, the food thermos is a derivative of it. This specific model of insulated box allows you to carry your meals to work without any difficulty. Its advantage is that you can put solid or liquid food in it.

The food thermos are designed to keep the heat for many hours from 12 to 24 hours so that you can have a hot meal ready to eat at any time. Made of double-walled stainless steel with vacuum insulation, these thermos containers for transporting food take the form of small boxes with a round screw lid. Very tight and airtight, there is no risk of leakage for liquid foods.

Easy enough to carry, outside of work these thermos flasks are also very practical for hiking, picnics.

The food boxes

If there is one meal container that can be found in almost every closet, it is the food box. These are airtight boxes of different sizes and shapes that allow you to store, freeze and reheat your food. If you want to carry your lunch to work, they will be a great help.

You can prepare your lunches earlier and store them in the refrigerator before taking them away. Versatile and economical, food boxes are very durable and easy to maintain as long as you choose them carefully. The only problem with these lunch containers is that you can’t take a full meal with you.

It will be essential to use several boxes.

Snack boxes

If you are not the kind of person who likes to eat lunch only and you prefer breakfasts, snacks or even snacks, the snack boxes are for you. Still called lunch boxes, if they are mainly intended for children, adults can also use them to go to work. They are generally small, airtight and above all very solid. There is a large choice on the market with different shapes, designs and colors.

However, for health reasons, you must be very careful with the quality of the materials used. Make sure they are free of BPA and endocrine disruptors.

The isothermal lunch bag

When you decide to bring your meals to work, you will certainly need a bag adapted for transportation. Of all the lunch bags available on the market, the insulated bag is the most popular. It allows you to carry your meals and keep them warm so you can eat them without having to reheat them.

It is perfect because it also keeps drinks, fruits and salads cool. Its rather small size makes it easy to carry with you your lunch. With an interior volume of 8 to 10 liters, you can carry both hot meals and cold drinks.

You can simply put hot meals in a lunch box that is itself insulated.

The isothermal backpack

Initially intended for hikes and walks, the isothermal backpack is also practical to easily carry his lunch to work. Indeed, if you go to work on foot, bike or scooter, it is much more comfortable than a bag with a handle for example. This is the solution to enjoy your tasty meals at work.

In the same way, you can put your tea or your coffee in it, which will stay warm and invigorate you at any time of the day.

You are fed up with the office canteen or the restaurant menu that is right next to your work ? After reading this article, you are aware of the various options available to you to take your. You should therefore have a clearer idea of the type of container that best suits your expectations, particularly in terms of size and shape. In all cases, you must favor meal boxes that are easy to transport and made of materials that are not harmful to health.

Take into account the characteristics of each model to make the right choice according to your needs, tastes and budget.