5 tips for YouTube Music Premium enjoy your music even more

5 tips for YouTube Music Premium: enjoy your music even more

You want to get the most out of YouTube Music Premium ? Here are our five favorite tips and tricks, and let’s hear all your music !

Tips for YouTube

The music subscription war is so bloody that YouTube had to come in and put a stop to it’order. Since Google doesn’t’did not get the results that they wanted’Since he was looking for with Play Music, and YouTube itself is the world’s favorite streaming service for listening to music, why not specialize in this task? ? C’This is how you can use it’Music Premium and YouTube Premium were born, the second of YouTube Red. Yeah, what a mess.

L’The YouTube Music Premium application offers almost all the music you’re looking for with the ability to watch music videos ad-free, in the background, and with the ability to play music in the background’All you have to do is to turn off the screen and with another important detail: it allows you to download music, both audio and video. Until’Now, everything is fine or fine, but it’s not the same’application still has some secrets.

We decided to reveal some tips and tricks for YouTube Music. Maybe you’re already using them, maybe you’ll reserve them for when you upgrade to this subscription. Whatever’s music service is a great way to save money’You have a page to listen (and watch) tons of songs.

Get the’cheapest subscription

C’is a very interesting trick that will allow you to move your music to a different place’You may have searched in the settings of the website to save a few eurillos per month, which, if you add throughout the year, will be the same’YouTube Music, we tell you, is a lot of money in the end’money. So, how to get a cheaper subscription ? Easy: do it from the US.

To subscribe from the United States, you do not have to pay for your subscription’s music service’to do the following (c’is more convenient from’computer):

  • Choose a US zip code. All you have to do is turn off the screen and with another detail’open Google Maps and choose no’You can change it from YouTube settings and from any building in the country.
  • Select a VPN compatible with the United States. TunnelBear is the’one of our favorites.
  • Activate TunnelBear by logging in to the US.
  • Go to the’Welcome to Music Premium and subscribe using the zip code you selected earlier.
  • Insert the map you want: it does not matter’There is no need for you to use the YouTube Music application’It’s from the US.

Initially you will have one month free, then the price is $ 9.99, which at the exchange rate are 8.75 euros, 1.29 euros less than if you subscribe in Spain. And if you subscribe to YouTube Premium, you will be able to see the list’is even cheaper: 10.50 euros in exchange for 11.99 euros for the’Spanish subscription (1.49 euros)’savings per month).

Of course, this trick is useful as long as the euro/dollar exchange rate favors the European currency. Otherwise you will have to change the payment profile to a European address.

Move your Spotify playlists to YouTube Music

If you are from’If you’re a YouTube Premium subscriber, you’ll be embarrassed to move one song at a time from your lists on previous services, such as Spotify. Or not, because you can sync these lists with YouTube Music without any complications, do the following:

  • Access the TuneMyMusic service.
  • Select the service from which you will import the playlists. Spotify, in our case.
  • Login to Spotify and choose the lists you want to import to YouTube Music Premium.
  • Sign in to your Google account associated with YouTube Music and agree to.
  • TuneMyMusic will move all your music to YouTube Music, both in music videos and music alone.

TuneMyMusic may not be able to move all the music from the lists, but it will be able to move the music from the lists’move most of them. The rest of the songs must be added by hand. Also note that the listings are imported into your YouTube account and, by default, are publicly visible.

You can change it from the settings of YouTube and from any building in the country’YouTube Music application, we tell you’We will explain later.

Connect your homepage’Google home to YouTube Music

You have a page to listen to (and watch) tons of music’Google home and you want me to be able to play directly on YouTube Music and I can request it, n’isn’t it ? You may have looked in the settings of the’assistant and you do not’have not found, then you may have lost hope. But nothing’It’s not fake anymore.

To listen to music directly on Google Home, you must proceed as follows:

  • Go to the Google Assistant settings by opening the Home’The first thing you need to do is to go to a dentist’s office and click on the link’compass icon; then Settings.
  • Go to the’Music option.
  • Select “Google Play Music.

If you select YouTube and you have a Chromecast, the first thing Google Home will do is play it on the TV. The best thing to do is to mark Play Music as the default service: in this way, it will load all the music you request into the Home. Google Play Music is included in YouTube Music (in fact the two will converge).

Sort your playlists

That you want the lists to have a specific order for the songs ? C’is very easy to do, do the following:

  • Go to the list you want to sort.
  • Click on the’pencil icon: you will access the’edition.
  • Now, not only will you be able to rename the list and apply privacy (if you want the list to appear on your YouTube profile), but two lines will also appear on the screen’right end of each song.
  • Hold down the lines and sort the songs as you wish.

How to force music downloads to the SD card

If you don’You don’t have enough energy’s space on your mobile, and feel free to count them in the comments’it has a’If you have an SD card, the best thing to do is to use it’You can use it to place music and downloaded videos on your mouth. Simply insert an SD card and proceed as follows:

  • Once the SD card is inserted, click on your avatar in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Go to the settings and then to “Downloads”.
  • Click on “Use SD card” and all the downloads will go into the Home’It is also a good idea to use the external space, saving you the internal storage of the cell phone.

You have to’more tips and tricks for YouTube Music Premium and YouTube Premium ? N’Feel free to count them in the comments.