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How to set up your home office ?

You’ve decided to create a home office corner for telecommuting ? Then you’ll need to equip yourself properly ! And among the must-haves, the office chair must necessarily be a good choice’In addition, the office chair must be adjustable in height to adapt to your morphology with a maximum of comfort’ergonomics. Indeed, as you are going to spend several hours sitting, it is imperative to think about this basic rule to avoid musculoskeletal disorders. As for the design, for a touch of decoration, here is the best way’You can easily find the right chair for your needs at the right address’you need !

A point on the’ergonomics

Being at home while telecommuting presents a lot of challenges’advantages. However, in the long run, it is a good idea to use a chair that is easy to move around in’The use of a technical seat is a new lifestyle habit that requires certain strict rules. And among the must-haves ? The choice of’an ergonomic office chair ! Indeed, on a daily basis, you will spend several hours in a seated position working in front of a screen of’computer or documents.

But in the long run, it is’is a position that gives a feeling of comfort’If you don’t want to be uncomfortable, here’s a chair that’s just right for you’It is obviously necessary to make up for it with a suitable seat. This is why it is essential to turn to a technical seat to avoid musculoskeletal disorders. Ideally, it is a good idea to buy from them’is the recliner with armrests and a headrest that remains the most suitable. In addition, the office chair must be adjustable in height to adapt to your morphology with maximum comfort’The seat must fit exactly to the work surface and to your morphology.

As for fluidity of movement, prefer casters to avoid finding yourself with your legs permanently blocked.

A zest of decoration in the program

Today’Today, the ergonomic office chair is a must’Dressed in a minimalist style’a touch of design for your home’to suit most styles. Available in different colors, you don’t have to worry about the color of the seat’You’ll be spoiled for choice with electric blue, charcoal gray or flashy pink. If you prefer the’If you are looking for a minimalist office chair, then you can also choose an all-black office chair with leatherette upholstery that adds a touch of luxury to your interior design.

If you are’You don’t necessarily have to be in the right position’idea to spend hours behind the desk’If you are looking for an office chair with a screen, then you can also turn to the patchwork chair with a metal and plastic base that recalls the Scandinavian style. As for betting on a good plan with a cheap price, you can easily equip yourself with the right chair’an ergonomic chair at less than 100 € to enjoy a good work environment’an ultra-competitive rate while maximizing your well-being !

Other tips for telecommuting

D’You have the opportunity to have a good night’s sleep’One portion (80 – 100 g) of vegetables: raw vegetables, salad, sautéed vegetables, etc., used to get up to talk with colleagues, to have a coffee in the break room or to go and get your lunch in the vicinity. But at home, it’s not enough’That’s why, to avoid a sedentary lifestyle, it is essential to focus on a minimum of outings and leisure activities.

During the day, give yourself a break of between 15 and 30 minutes to go for a walk in the neighbourhood. At the end of the day, go out and have breakfast’A small amount of air for a running or yoga session. These are essential tips for avoiding routine and stress’confinement. In addition, it allows you to maintain social contacts to limit loneliness !