Handmade knives made in France

Handmade knives made in France

The time when one received a knife at his sixteenth birthday because he became a man responsible for his actions and able to help adults is not so far away. Until recently, it was customary in France to give a knife to young people, mostly boys, a beautiful knife that was supposed to be useful for the rest of their lives. A blade, said the grandfathers, it is practical in all the situations and without it there are too many things which one would not know how to make.

The tradition has been lost in an era where human relationships are only seen through the prism of personal safety and sometimes apprehension.

A French knife in your pocket

However, against the current there are many knife enthusiasts. These men and women – because women are also concerned today – always have a cutting tool with them. With it they can open mail, cut their meat at the table, cut a string around a package, free a toy from what is wrapped around it… But there are different kinds of knives of varying quality.

A good handmade knife will always be more valuable than a machine-made knife, it will have a more authentic stamp.

In France we know how to make knives

Laguiole and Thiers are names that resonate in people’s minds when they talk about this made in France know-how that craftsmen can still be proud of today. They are the only guarantee to have in your hands a quality knife, made by expert hands who will have chosen the right wood, the right metal and assembled the two, giving each creation a unique character. If the knife seemed to have fallen out of favor, it is not the case: blades are still offered today, but on the condition that the person who offers them receives a coin from the person to whom the gift is offered: otherwise, it risks cutting off the friendship between the two.