How to choose a good pillow for sleeping

How to choose a good pillow for sleeping ?

In France, everyone uses me: a sleeping companion, we like to put our head on me. I can be filled with feathers, down, foam or latex. Varying in size, sometimes soft, sometimes firmer, I am often rectangular, but I can be square.

We like to cover me with a sober or colored pillowcase, matching the rest of the bed linen. I am, I am ? The pillow, of course ! But did you know that to have a good night’s sleep, the choice of your pillow is not to be taken lightly ? The quality of your pillow influences the quality of your sleep. Discover some tips for choose a good pillow and sleep well !

Questions to ask yourself when choosing a pillow

If choosing a pillow with care is important, it is because not all pillows will suit you. For example, when you are used to sleeping on your stomach, a pillow that is too thick may cause neck pain, causing a “break” in your spine. If you are prone to allergies or asthma, a feather or down filled pillow will require frequent maintenance to avoid dust mites.

The choice of a pillow, like the choice of a comforter, can greatly improve the quality of your sleep. Here are all the questions to ask yourself in order to choose the right pillow:

  • Do I sleep on my back, stomach or side ?
  • Do I tend to change position during the night because I move around a lot while I sleep? ?
  • Do I have a tendency to suffer from allergies ?
  • Do I prefer a soft pillow, into which my head sinks, or a firm one ?
  • Am I prone to neck pain or back pain ?
  • Do I prefer a flat pillow or one that raises my head? ?

Now that you have the questions, here are the answers to help you in the choice of a sleeping bag choice of pillow that will accompany your sleep !

Questions to ask yourself to choose the right pillow

Which filling for a good pillow ?

First and foremost, a good pillow is the one that suits you: all body types and all sleepers can find the pillow of their dreams. There is no right or wrong upholstery per se: it all depends on you. To help you choose, here are the advantages and disadvantages of each type of filling.

Type of filling



Feathers (natural filling)

It is a firm pillow (especially if it is 100% feather) but comfortable

To be well cared for if you have allergies and not to retain moisture

Not recommended for people who spend the night on their stomach

Comforters (natural filling)

Soft and airy, it is naturally inflated by the down

Envelops the head and neck well

Naturally regulates humidity (therefore suitable for sleepers who tend to perspire)

Must be well maintained if you have allergies

May be too soft for those with neck pain

Polyester or microfiber

100% hypoallergenic synthetic pillow

Allows good ventilation

Tends to “crush” over time, which can cause neck pain

Shapes the so-called “memory foam” pillows

The foam reacts to heat and adapts to your morphology at any time of the night to maintain the alignment of your head, neck and spine

Returns to its original shape by itself

Suitable for those who suffer from neck pain

Can keep you warm in summer

Does not wash in the machine

May increase sweating

Latex or memory foam

Shapes “ergonomic” pillows

Allows to limit night movements

The hollowed out shape in the center and raised at the ends provides good head support

Does not wash out

Less comfortable than the memory foam pillow when it is made of latex

Can increase perspiration

What density for a memory pillow ?

If you opt for a Memory foam pillow, It is important to know that different densities exist. To guide you in your choice, know that :

  • The density will influence the firmness of the pillow: the denser it is, the less soft it will be and therefore the firmer it will be.
  • The heavier the pillow, the denser it is.
  • A high density is suitable for back sleepers, a medium density for side sleepers, a lower density for stomach sleepers (this brings us back to the problem of the spine that should not be “broken” by a pillow that is too hard when sleeping in the prone position).

What type of pillow’Pillow according to the way you sleep ?

As you have already understood, it is very important to take into account the way you sleep in order to sleep well choose your pillow. As this is not the only criterion, you should refer to the table above, keeping in mind that :