Men how to dress elegantly for a professional appointment

Men: how to dress elegantly for a professional meeting ?

In the professional world, the success of a business meeting or appointment depends on several factors. Among them, the physical presentation has a privileged place. Indeed, when a man dresses smartly for a business meeting, he greatly increases his chances of coming off as a professional. Being well-dressed provides comfort and self-confidence, both of which are essential for business success. So how do you dress smartly ? What criteria to consider when choosing the different components of her look ? Here is how to proceed to dress impeccably for your professional meeting !

How to prepare the meeting to start

For a successful meeting For a business meeting, it is important to prepare it in a meticulous way in terms of clothing. From the first seconds of the meeting, it is necessary to make a good impression. When you are very well dressed, your business partner immediately feels confident, because he is convinced that he is dealing with someone who is both serious and meticulous.

This first effect will have a significant impact on the outcome of the meeting.

For this, the ideal is to choose clothes made of high quality fabrics. These clothes should not be too loose or too tight. Prefer something that shows off your manly build. Since it is a business meeting, the suit is the perfect choice.

Classic and elegant, the suit remains an excellent choice for the professional world.

What colors to choose ?

For going to work, a meeting or a business appointment, some colors are ideal. These include black, navy, white or gray.

Second step: the clothing itself

Because you must be impeccable on the day of your appointment, every element of your clothing must be examined with a fine tooth comb. Everything must be absolutely perfect.

The shirt: the must-have for the refined male look

The shirt is a must have in the men’s wardrobe. It is a practical and modern garment. Symbol of elegance, it enhances the male body without appearing vulgar.

The comfort it provides is an added advantage. However, this comfort is only effective if you choose a shirt made of a soft fabric and pleasant to the touch.

Things to consider when buying

When you arrive at the store to buy your shirt, you must make sure that it fits perfectly before you go to the checkout. Therefore, the following points should be checked:

  • The collar: it must be perfectly rigid;
  • The sleeve: to match your look, it must start at the break of the shoulder. It must also stop between the wrist and the hand;
  • The shirt should not have any unsightly excess fabric.

Mistakes to avoid

Looking to enhance some men tend to choose very tight fitting shirts based on their build. This is not the best way to proceed. Indeed, a shirt that is too tight can create a feeling of discomfort after a while of wearing. You must not lose sight of the fact that you are on your way to a work meeting and that there is a good chance that it will take longer than expected. If this happens, you will not be able to cut the session short.

For this, it is best to choose a shirt that does not tighten you excessively. If you are a size XL, choose a shirt of this size. It will fit you perfectly and you will be much more comfortable.

About the sleeves, remember that in order to achieve the desired effect, they should extend 1 cm beyond the jacket.

It is important to know that no matter what material a shirt is made of, it can sometimes wrinkle. When it happens before the day of your business appointment, you should avoid wearing it like this. Wearing it in this condition risks bringing discredit to your person.

Which solution to adopt ?

When you are faced with a wrinkled shirt, ironing remains the best solution. As you already know, this method allows you to get rid of wrinkles in your clothes. To obtain a perfect result, the ironing must be carried out according to the rules of the art.

On the website of easy 2 family, you will discover the best methods and tips to implement for a successful ironing of your shirt.

The jacket: the asset not to be forgotten

Like the shirt, the jacket has always held a place of choice among men’s clothing. When worn properly, they provide a sense of style and elegance to the wearer. It is easy to understand how it could cross the centuries without ever losing its chic and trendy side.

Things to check when buying

The jacket may be an elegant garment, but it doesn’t have the desired effect if it doesn’t meet certain criteria. Here are the important points:

  • The shoulder of the jacket should be clearly broken, so there should be no fabric in the gap ;
  • A well-tailored jacket is the best choice, as it enhances the physical appearance;
  • It is ideal that your jacket falls in the middle of the buttocks;
  • The tension fold: perfect to bring the final touch of elegance to the jacket, this fold is an important detail. For your business meeting, choose a jacket that has a slight star-shaped tension fold on the closed button. You will gain in elegance, which will produce an important effect on your work partner.

Small mistakes to avoid

It is also important not to choose a jacket that is too tight. To make sure the jacket you choose is the best fit for your body type, check if you can fit a fist between your chest and the closed jacket.

Avoid closing the last button on your jacket. Leaving it open brings a casual touch to your look while allowing you to benefit from a better comfort.

The pants: the essential garment

After you have made sure that the shirt and the jacket are perfect for your business meeting, you must then think about the pants. A must-have in men’s clothing, this garment also plays a key role in your presentation. For this reason, it must be well chosen. As with other clothing, the choice of pants is based on the consideration of a few important points.

Points to consider before buying

The following details are important to obtain a perfect result:

  • The buttocks: they must be very well maintained;
  • The crotch: you should not notice any excess fabric at this level;
  • The cut must be very well adjusted;
  • The seam must not have any defects, or at least no apparent defects;
  • In terms of length, the pants must break at once on the shoes; you must therefore avoid pants that are too long and create several folds at the bottom.

Small mistakes to avoid

For many reasons, you should avoid pants that are too tight. The model to choose must simply be your size and the trick is played. As for the material, it must correspond to the time of year you are.

So, for winter, wool is a good choice. If it’s summer, cotton is the perfect choice.

The shoes

The last detail to settle for a perfect look for a business meeting, the shoes must be sober. Check the thickness of the sole and avoid models with a flat line. Also, it is important that the shoes are the same color as your belt.

Now that you know all the elements to take into account for a successful dressing, take care of the last ones and go to your work session with confidence.