How to create a terrace with a Charliebirdy design look

How to build a deck with a designer look ?

If it is deserted during winter, the terrace becomes a real living room of the house, once the summer comes. In order to fully enjoy it, and to spend good moments with your family, or even to receive guests, it is essential to fit it out properly.

For this purpose, the design and chic look is one of the best options available to you. We tell you how to give this look to your terrace in this article full of ideas, tips and good advice. Let’s get started !

How to make a deck with a designer look ?

The design look is essentially based on solid colors, many geometric shapes and striking graphics. It’s time to use your creativity and your sense of aesthetics. However, there are a few basic rules to follow to create an authentic and perfectly successful design look.

In particular, it is necessary to choose a furniture adapted to a terrace use, adopt a soft and not too heavy style, choose the right materials, and opt for lights perfectly adapted to the environment and to the design look. Here are some very interesting ideas to achieve your design look on the terrace.

Making a terrace with black and original furniture

Black furniture is practically a defining element of the design look. Focus on chic furniture, with modern geometric shapes, dominating black and its derivative colors. Between garden chairs, outdoor dining chairs, benches, tables, sofas, cushions or deck chairs, the color black is suitable for almost all furniture, and many materials (steel, wood, metal, etc.).) for the terrace.

However, it is not necessary to opt for “all black”. So do not hesitate to play on the shades of black, and integrate other discreet colors such as dark gray, slate gray or white with black patterns for example. The ideal for a design deck is that the color black is dominant in the furniture used.

A bamboo deck for a chic design look

In addition to the color, the materials used are also very important in the design of a terrace. If natural materials such as wood are to be preferred, bamboo is a very interesting alternative that succeeds well in the design look.

The bamboo decking can be in the form of wooden strips (rectangular planks similar to parquet), or in the form of duckboard (small planks in the form of square slabs). For more aesthetics and compliance with the design look, wood decking is a better option.

As a bonus, bamboo decking has the advantage of being more durable, more beautiful, and easier to clean than other types of decking. Plus, installation is very easy to do. If you want a chic, attractive and easy to maintain design deck, bamboo is what you need.

Don’t forget the lighting on your terrace

A terrace design, to be perfect, it must be’be equipped with beautiful lighting fixtures. When designing your deck, remember to equip it with efficient lighting fixtures, adapted to the design style. For this purpose, opt for modern outdoor lighting, with beautiful geometric shapes and soft lighting.

Do not hesitate to opt for wall-mounted models, floor lamps, hanging lights or elegant solar lamps, which are very practical. It is also very useful to provide a high intensity light for special occasions in the evening (small parties on the terrace, snacks, outdoor dinners, etc.).).

Deck covering: what to choose ?

Always in the search of the ideal layout for your design terrace, it will be necessary to pay particular attention to the coating used. The options are numerous and diverse for this purpose. Between wood, concrete, tile, stone or grass, you have many options.

To stay in the spirit of your design and chic deck, here are the coverings you should choose.

A concrete floor

Concrete is the traditional ally of the terrace, and contrary to some preconceived ideas, it is definitely not out of fashion. It is also a very suitable surface to add a touch at the same time modern and authentic to your design terrace. Available in many forms, concrete is a very resistant and easily modulated material, to have various aesthetic renderings.

Between deactivated concrete, smoothed concrete, swept concrete or printed concrete (the most impressive of all), there are many options for covering your designer deck with class and elegance. It is also the material par excellence to make the exterior slab.

In addition, concrete allows you to save money, because it is one of the least expensive materials on the market. The icing on the cake is that it is very easy to clean. It is simply done with water and detergent.

What is the best covering for a terrace ?

If concrete and bamboo appear to be the most suitable coverings for a deck, here are the ones you should choose design terrace, In general, they are somewhat outdone by an even more traditional material: wood. It appears as the best covering for a terrace, considering its numerous properties.

Like bamboo, it can be presented in the form of slats or rollable tiles. Both vertically and horizontally, it offers a very elegant look, and is available in several varieties divided into two categories.

You can choose either softwoods such as pine and thespruce, or for exotic woods such as walnut, oak, pine, pinewood, etc teak, i or thealmendrillo. Obviously, exotic woods are generally more expensive than resinous ones. Pine is the cheapest wood on the market.

Here is ! You have everything you need to create your design terrace. So let your creativity speak for itself, and customize your deck to your taste.