Chinatown Olympiades the best Chinese restaurant in Paris

Chinatown Olympiades : the best Chinese restaurant in Paris

Going to the restaurant at this time? It is impossible we know it. But we hope with all our heart that the situation will be resolved’will improve very quickly. And we have an address for you that you must try if you have not already done so: the Chinatown Olympiads to discover a real traditional Chinese cuisine in the heart of Paris.

Here are my first impressions, my recommendations and everything you need to know about this restaurant: services, address, hours and contact.

Chinatown Olympiades in Paris, eat Chinese differently

My first impressions

Chinatown Olympiades is one of the best, if not the best THE best Chinese restaurant of Paris. With its vast main room of 250 seats and its spirit representative of real Hong Kong restaurants: the typical decoration, the numerous round tables, the carts loaded with steam baskets and the long fresco snaking on the walls immediately immerse us in the Chinese culture. The waiters are efficient and straight to the point, with no bending over backwards, but they take good care of their customers.

The strength of Chinatown Olympiads is its army of real chefs experienced in the realization of authentic and traditional dishes for the most part, inspired essentially by the southern region of China and scented with tasty aromatic plants.
I sincerely recommend this Chinese restaurant because, unlike many impostors offering you pseudo-traditional Chinese cuisine, the dishes of Chinatown Olympiades are really good, well executed and their recipes are respected. The cooks use mainly fresh products and seasonal fruits and vegetables. Come to taste a wider choice of dishes, because the menu is, for the blow, typical of Chinese restaurants in France: long !

The services offered

Chinatown Olympiades is a real little find. In addition to the restaurant's on-site or take-out service, here are its services caterer, evenings karaoke on weekdays, animations weekend, wedding celebrations and banquets. You can even benefit from a service of valet parking from 7pm to 2am, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Count 8€ per car.
For the catering service, you will have the possibility to elaborate your own menu. The culinary animations are also included in this service, to make your guests' eyes water and their mouths water.

Chinatown Olympiades - Chinese restaurant

It's up to you to choose from the menu according to your respective tastes and the spices you like:

the specialties of the house : not to be missed. Try the stuffed crab claws with your eyes closed. More like poultry ? Taste the Peking duck, to be savored in 2 courses.

The first to start with duck skin with rice pancakes. The second for the flesh, served with vegetables;

the Dim-Sums The menu consists of several small portions of food, from a pancake (made of rice flour and glutinous rice) with a generous amount of shrimp to the soft buns filled with roasted pork;

the meats : get your hands on the fried duck. Meat is accompanied by noodles, pasta, rice, fried rice noodles or "rice with two roasts", a delight ! ;

the seafood The concept is based on the following ingredients: steamed turbot or sautéed cuttlefish ? More classic but just as good, I recommend the cod fillet with its appetizing sweet and sour sauce;

the desserts The coconut pearls with sesame are irresistible : soft and sweet .

Tip: as a condiment, ask for the XO sauce, a delight (fried fish, dried seafood with onions, garlic and chili).

What is the’Chinatown Olympiades address ?

Chinatown Olympiades is located in the 13th arrondissement in Paris since 1985. This family business awaits you at the following address
44 avenue d'Ivry, above the Paris Store and not far from the well known Asian supermarket in Paris : Tang Frères. To get an idea of its location, go to Google Maps.
Do not hesitate to contact them as soon as the restaurant reopens:

What are the days and times of’opening of Chinatown Olympiades ?

The Chinatown Olympiades is normally open every day of the week: 11:45 am – 2:45 pm and 6:45 pm – 00:30 am.
On Friday, Saturday and Sunday, the restaurant welcomes you until 2am. For a moment of relaxation and tasting, I advise you not to go on Friday or Saturday because these are the days dedicated to receptions and various animations and to avoid the karaoke room.
Take-out orders can be picked up every day, from 11am to 3pm in the morning and from 5:30pm to 8:30pm in the evening.

While waiting for the reopening (very soon we hope) of all the French restaurants, go on Facebook and Instagram to finish convincing you that the Chinatown Olympiades is worth the detour !