How to have a beautiful chest after 40 years Health Mission

How to have a beautiful chest after 40 years ?

Breast tone is determined by genetics, but not only. You have room to maneuver keep your breasts firm, even after 40 years.

Having a nice bust after 40: some tips

Maintain the skin of her cleavage

L’The maintenance of the skin goes through several steps. All d’First, it’s important to note that the lighting system is not just for the home’This can be done with cold water to firm up the fabrics and make them more durable’hot water expands them. It seems obvious that in order to have a firm bust skin, cold water is preferred.

In addition, we advise not to apply perfume directly on the skin, because the substances contained in perfume and toilet water are drying. In addition, you risk losing your skin’to have spots.

When’It is recommended to take care of the skin of the décolletage, which means to take care of the skin of the neckline’have an established routine, like for facials. Cleansing and toning’Moisturizing is an important step. Of course, you must protect your skin from UV rays with a sun cream throughout the day’year if possible.

Finally, practice some sessions’If you have little time, think about it when you have to do self-massage at least once a day. If you don’t have much time, think about it when you are breastfeeding’apply your moisturizer. For optimal effectiveness, massage your breasts with oils that have a tightening effect such as rose hip oil’Use Rose Hip Oil and the right amount of water’Borage oil.

To have a beautiful chest after 40 years: some advice

Doing surgery’exercise

Just like women who want to have a beautiful chest after the’If you have little time, think about it at the time of the surgery. Muscle strengthening and fitness exercises have a very positive impact on the skin’evolution of your breasts. N’Don’t wait for your breasts to get bigger’sagging to begin with ! It is said that’anti-aging cream should be applied from the age of 25, the same goes for the chest !

Sport can be time consuming and it seems obvious that you don’t have the time to do it’It is said that you should not have more than one or two hours to dedicate to the treatment’sports activity between work, home and children. C’This is why we suggest you do a series of two or three exercises to be repeated about ten times each evening, during your beauty routine. By being regular in your practice, you will notice with hindsight that your chest will be firmer.

Where to find these exercises ? A few clicks on Youtube will be enough to find examples adapted to your situation.

Have a good diet and good hydration

Health professionals will never stop repeating it: the’hydration and the’Food is the basis of health (in addition to sleep). A skin that is internally dehydrated will more quickly develop spots, wrinkles and lose its tone. You should drink at least 1.5 liters of water per day’water per day.

At the level of the body’eating a balanced diet to fill up on vitamins and minerals. Foods rich in antioxidants are your best allies (cooked artichoke, hazelnuts, kiwi, broccoli, red bell pepper, berries, etc.)’açai, etc).

Choosing the right bra

Finally, a point that some women neglect: the choice of bra. A poorly fitting bra can lack support, but it can also damage your breasts’The skin will be crushed and fine lines will be created. Here is a reminder to choose the right size:

  • The number (75, 80, 95, 90, 95, 100…): just measure the back under the chest

The cup size (A, B, C, D, E, F): we measure the chest size and subtract this number from the back size. The difference will give the size of the cup. Between 1 and 4 c’is the A cup, between 4 and 7 c’is B, between 7 and 10 c’is C, between 10 and 12 c’is D.

Choose an adapted bra

Is it absolutely necessary to have surgery ?

Cosmetic surgery has become common to increase the size of the breasts or on the contrary, reduce it. Surgical procedures are also intended to reshape the chest after the operation’breastfeeding, for example. In view of the cost, many women prefer to go to Tunisia for this type of treatment’operation.

It is important to know that the’The surgical procedure is not necessary’It is not systematic, because the above-mentioned tips can be sufficient with patience.